Guillaume Fournier

Guillaume Fournier

Guillaume Fournier’s passion for surfing quickly turned into an interest in the process of making surfboards. Orphans was born from this fascination; he now handcrafts surfboards in his workshop Verdun, Montréal.

Orphan Surf - Guillaume Fournier

“The best part is having one of my friends get out of the water and tell me my board is their favourite of all the ones they’ve tried.”

I can’t do anything halfway. As soon as I started surfing and got interested in boards, I started looking into how to make them.

I thought I’d make a board or two for the fun of it, but in the end, I dove right into the project. In no time, I found a space and invested in tools. As soon as I started, several of my close friends asked me to shape a board for them. From there, it spread by word of mouth and never stopped. Today I have a complete workshop where I work for several months of the year.

Though it’s nearly impossible to find good waves for surfing in Québec, there’s still a community of travellers and people who are passionate about the sport. That’s who I make surfboards for.

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