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Étienne Therrien

La Manchure

Étienne Terrien is the artisan knifemaker behind La Manchure. He makes top-quality blades and kitchen knives in his workshop in the village of Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel, near Trois-Rivières.

Étienne Therrien

“My goal is to create THE Québécois knife.”

At age 30, I left everything behind. I had a good job, but I was working just to make a living, and I always knew what the next day would bring.

Three years ago, I took my experience as a welder and plant manager and started my own knife workshop. It was a passion that had been developing for a little while. Little by little, I honed my skills and finally launched my business. I had always wanted to be my own boss.

You can’t go to school for this craft, so I’m self-taught. I watched videos online and made a lot of attempts, a few mistakes. Today, I work with chefs to develop and test my prototypes, so the knives I offer to clients are the best they can be.

Many regions and countries have their own kitchen knife, but we don’t really have that heritage here. With La Manchure, I create tools to be passed down for generations. Québécois blades worthy of great chefs.

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